Marco Macchia, Costituzionalizzare l’equilibrio di bilancio: un cambio di registro 


1. La “costituzionalizzazione” dell’equilibrio di bilancio. 

2. Le mancate costituzionalizzazioni: due esemplificazioni. 

3. Le ragioni della costituzionalizzazione.


The Parliament amended Article 81 of the Italian Constitution to include the golden rule of a balanced budget. The article focuses especially on a particular aspect of that constitutional reform, linked to the different approach that the legislative body has held over time with respect to the issue of Government’s role in the Economy. If until now the Parliament did not consider there was a need to incorporate public intervention in the economy in Italian Constitution, why is there now the opposite requirement? What are the reasons that support the need for explicit constitutional constraints? There is the risk to put the national economic policies in “plaster”? To these questions the article tries to give answers.