Enrico Carloni, La trasparenza (totale) delle pubbliche amministrazioni come servizio


1. Premessa: il “paradigma” trasparenza. 

2. Modelli della trasparenza amministrativa. 

3. La trasparenza come accessibilità totale attraverso la rete Internet: quali contenuti. 

4. I caratteri del nuovo modello di trasparenza. 

5. La trasparenza on line e le sue multi-finalità. 

6. In particolare: la trasparenza con finalità di servizio. 

7. Considerazioni conclusive.


Technological innovation and administrative reforms have contributed over the last decade to the construction of a new model of transparency. A model that works through the online publication of data, beyond the traditional approach to transparency through right of access to documents. Digital Administration Code and reform “Brunetta”, in particular, constitute the normative basis of this system (problematic but internally consistent) that must be analyzed in its characteristics. The “total transparency” is also known for the multiple purposes (for real transparency, service, cost containment, and so on) that accompanied the legislation in predicting the various obligations of disclosure. The paper examines these issues with the aim of representing, in a succinct but comprehensive way, the new model of transparency, even taking into account the prospects of open government data.