Sergio Marotta, Per una lettura sociologico-giuridica dei beni culturali come beni comuni


1. «Tutela» e «valorizzazione» dei beni culturali. 

2. I beni culturali tra globalizzazione e denazionalizzazione. 

3. L’emergere dei beni comuni. 

4. Beni comuni e funzione sociale della proprietà.

5. Conclusioni.


The publicly-owned cultural heritage was traditionally excluded from any form of market exploitation. The processes of globalization and the financial crisis experienced by the nation-states have transformed this public and collective resource in an economic asset. However, the cultural heritage can be exploited in ways that do not require privatization. In this sense, the legal category of “commons” could both ensure a better management and help to guarantee the accessibility of the cultural heritage without compromising its protection and its preservation for future generat