Andrea Lenzi e Carla Barbati, Per un riordino del Consiglio Universitario Nazionale

1. Il CUN nella trasformazione del sistema universitario: nuove regole e nuovi processi decisionali.
2. Ciò che resta da fare: la “rete” degli organi ausiliari e le razionalizzazioni attese.
3. Proposte per il CUN.

The Italian University System is now undergoing an extensive reform aimed at asking Universities and Academic and Scientific Communities to achieve new goals and meet new requirements. Quality and efficiency improvement relies on new rules, many of which arise from decision making processes deeply reformed themselves. It’s changing how much and what has decided, how and who decides. New regulatory bodies are making their appearance.
These changes affect University System Governance at National level, involving also the role of the National University Council and the contributions it can give to decision making processes.The University System reforms offers, this way, the chance to rethink the competences and the structure of the National University Council as the only elected body representing Scientific Communities, as such entitled to express their needs at the National level.