Raffaele Di Raimo, La valutazione della ricerca e la rappresentanza dei saperi

1. La necessaria rappresentanza delle comunità scientifiche.
2. Una direzione sbagliata.
3. Quantità e qualità della ricerca.
4. La rappresentanza dei saperi.

The creation of a institutional body representing the scientific community is necessary in order to guarantee freedom of science and full compliance of the university system with provisions introduced by Law 240/2010.This Statute aims at replacing the current system, which is based on self-assessment, with proceedings where the use of objective criteria is made.The reform is to be implemented through better allocation of funding and adoption of transparent criteria for assessment .
The current system of research bodies’ assessment give unreliable ratings either based on productivity or quality, as they are not grounded on objectivity, verifiableness, and impartiality.
It is therefore essential to identify alternative solutions to self- assessment of research entities, which may allow single communities to manage their technical functions based on objective criteria and appropriate control mechanisms.