Vincenzo Cocozza, Una nozione oggettiva di “rilevanza economica” per i servizi pubblici locali, commento a Corte costituzionale, 3 novembre 2010, n. 325 

1. La sentenza della Corte costituzionale n. 325/2010 e l’individuazione dei servizi pubblici di rilevanza economica.
2. L’indifferenza comunitaria delle scelte operate dagli Stati. 
3. Le conclusioni della Corte costituzionale.
3.1. Una nozione oggettiva di rilevanza economica.
3.2. Fonda- mento costituzionale della nozione?
3.3. La competenza statale alla disciplina della materia.

The essay gives a critical reading of the Constitutional Court decision n. 325/2010.The pronunciation is not analyzed in its complexity: the examination is limited to the notion of economic relevance of public services because of its importance. The legislative competence of the State or of the regions on local public services is identified through its definition.
The A. raises doubts about the rational of the decision: as a matter of fact, the Constitutional Court went beyond what is established by the EU legislation, amending inexplicitly its previous orientation (decision n. 272/2004).
The decision infers a concept of objective economic relevance (existing in case of relevant market), directly from the challenged. In this way, the court did not make an adequate balance of principles and constitutional values: as a consequence, the decision endorses the State to decide by itself its legislative competence in this area and its self- legitimacy to do so.