Rosario Papania, L’accordo di collaborazione tra pubbliche amministrazioni nella disciplina degli appalti pubblici


1. Premessa.  

2. Il partenariato pubblico-pubblico nella giurisprudenza comunitaria.

3. La posizione del giudice nazionale 

4. Gli accordi di collaborazione tra enti pubblici nella dottrina. 

5. Notazioni conclusive.


Public administrations may enter into agreements with other public bodies: that is one of the latest novelties introduced by the Code of public contracts, as an alternative to the traditional assignment procedures and to the use of the in-house providing procedures. The public-public partnership therefore arises as a new derogatory instrument for the public requirement so that it seemed appropriate to deepen the genesis of the institution and to outline the traits that differentiate it from the other conventional modules between public administrations envisaged by the law and, in particular, to the art. 15 of the law n. 241/1990.