Annalisa Gualdani, Programmazione e pianificazione dei servizi sociali: il ruolo dei soggetti del Terzo settore


This paper aims at examining the role of Third Sector actors, also in the light of recent reforms, within the planning functions. Starting from the analysis of the Act No 328/2000 and the regional laws which ruled the subject following changes of the Title V. Cost., the involvement of Third Sector actors in the drafting of the plans and in the implementation and preparation of the network of interventions are taken into account. Special attention is given to the innovations introduced by the Third Sector Code particularly with regard to non-profit organizations which, in accordance with the horizontal subsidiarity principle and in synergy with local authorities, have a key role to play in the identification of needs and in the arrangement of a interventions system that provides the most appropriate responses.

1. Premessa
2. Il ruolo del Terzo settore nel sistema dei servizi sociali
3. La programmazione dei servizi sociali
4. La pianificazione regionale
5. La pianificazione zonale
6. La co-programmazione e la co-progettazione
7. Considerazioni conclusive.