Monica Delsignore, Le modalità di gestione delle farmacie comunali


1. La titolarità della farmacia comunale. 

2. La farmacia comunale tra servizio pubblico e attività di iniziativa economica. 

3. La disciplina precedente alla sentenza C. cost. n. 199/2012. 

3.1. Le forme di gestione delle farmacie comunali. 

3.2. Le disposizioni peculiari per le società nei “piccoli” comuni. 

4. Le forme di gestione delle farmacie comunali dopo la sentenza C. cost. n. 199/2012.


This article questions about management regulation of pharmacies owned by local councils, so called communal pharmacies. The special law on communal pharmacies management makes a list of admitted types of organization and, finally, refers to public utilities general regulation. Therefore the public utilities general regulation has been implemented to communal pharmacies for long time. In last days the frequent regulatory interventions about local public utilities and a recent decision of Constitutional Court rose uncertainty in this field. The Author arguments that communal pharmacies are expression of free enterprise and economic liberty and therefore the regulation has not to be assumed by public utilities general regulation. The special law is still in force and has to be applied even with some corrections.