Massimo Luciani, Giurisdizione ed economia: quattro bivi


1. Quattro bivi. 

2. Giurisdizione come opportunità o come costo. 

3. Giurisdizione o non-giurisdizione. 

4. Giurisdizione o paragiurisdizione. 

5. Giurisdizioni nazionali o internazionali. 

6. L’approdo della certezza del diritto.


Governing the complex relationships between jurisdiction and economy requires choosing wisely between multiple conceptions of economic interest protection (in judicial or non-judicial way). In this brief overview four problematic topics are listed and presented as “crossroads”, which we have to face. However, a broad paradigm is offered, which should lead us in choosing the best path: legal certainty, which marks out not only the « legal State », but also the modern State in general.