Marco Dugato, Terremoto, ricostruzione e regole degli appalti


1. Terremoto e ricostruzione tra regole e deroghe. 

2. Prevenzione, emergenza e ricostruzione. 

3. Dalla ri-costruzione alla “nuova costruzione”.


The paper analyses the issues of reconstruction after earthquakes. This is not meant as the phase which immediately follows the emergency, but as the possibility to structure the future urban and building setting, also in a new way. Reconstruction does not mean only to recover and to restore each damaged building, but also – in a wider significance – to fix and rethink the complex of urban, social, economic functions which regards the territory. In particular, the focus is not on the regulation about the emergency management established in the Public Contracts Code; on the contrary the paper specifically considers the regulation of the urban and public contracts contests in a certain territory after the earthquake, in order to define an ideal legal framework, which is partially new as compared with the existing.