Gianluca Zarro, Il Consiglio di Stato e le “mobili frontiere” dell’ente pubblico


1. La sentenza del Consiglio di Stato, sez. VI, 25 maggio 2015, n. 2660.

2. La giurisprudenza di riferimento. 

3. L’art. 12 della direttiva 2014/24/UE del 26 febbraio 2014, l’art. 28 della direttiva 2014/25/UE (settori speciali) e l’art. 17 della direttiva 2014/23/UE (concessioni). 

4. Le società strumentali in house: alcune considerazioni. 

5. Il Consiglio di Stato tra misunderstanding e overruling.


The judgment of the Council of State n. 2660 of 25 May 2015 should be reported to the attention of the interpreters for the reception of a renewed concept of public authority, which in the current set-order structure can no longer be considered fixed and unchanging. In fact starting from this premise, the supreme administrative judges write, that the execution of entrepreneurial activity towards external subjects attributes to Cineca a commercial character which prevents to consider it as a subject in house, or a mere organ of government consortium. It should however be clarified that, in the opinion issued on 30 January 2015, n. 298, in an advisory session, the second section of the Council of State had decided another – recte opposite – solution, referred just to the same recurring institution of the judgment at issue here, so we wonder if we face an overruling or not. In this regard, to resolve such conflicts arrived the amend to art. 11a of the DL. Local authorities, no. 78 of 2015, through article 9.