Francesco Raffaello De Martino, L’acqua come diritto fondamentale e la sua gestione pubblica


1. Premessa. Il regime di gestione dell’acqua: pubblico vs. privato. 

2. Il problema della qualificazione giuridica dell’acqua. Aspetti generali.

3. L’acqua come diritto fondamentale. 

4. Il referendum sull’acqua e la normativa in vigore.

5. Profili della riforma in itinere. 

6. Conclusioni.


The study considers the question of the right to water as a fundamental right.
Moving from the premise that the public water management is the rule, while private
one is the exception, because it comes to protect the fundamental right of each individual to have free water access.
It focuses about the different legal water qualifications, arguing that the right to
water is a “very fundamental” right, understood as an absolute and inalienable claim
of the human condition. After reviewing the Italian and European legal regulation emerging as a result of the referendum of 2011, the study highlights some problematic aspects of the legal reformation in itinere that, according to the Author, does not seem to provide appropriate answers for the problem of the requirement of exclusively water public management.