Francesca Di Lascio, La regolazione amministrativa degli spazi urbani


1. Città, diritto e territorio. 

2. Il rapporto tra spazi pubblici materiali e spazio pubblico metaforico. 

3. Gli spazi urbani nelle norme sul governo del territorio.

4. Gli spazi urbani nelle norme su sicurezza interna e ordine pubblico. 

5. Spazi urbani e condizionamenti dei diritti dominicali. 

6. Considerazioni conclusive


As part of the relationship between law and territory, the essay explores the rules governing the administrative regulation of urbans spaces, to define their legal status. The first part investigates the urbans spaces and is based on those scholarly works that interpret the cities as places of development and maintenance of the “public space”. The author purports the instrumental value of the urbans spaces to build a metaphoric public space. The second part focuses on the influence of territorial government and urban safety rules on the administrative regulations of urbans spaces. Once defined the legal framework, the paper discusses the procedures of the local regulatory authorities, with particular reference to the power of imposing limitations and constraints to private property within the city.