Cecilia Pedrazza Gorlero, Ius litorum. Appunti tra storia e attualità


1. Premessa.

2. Ius litorum/usus litorum: un modello ancora attuale? 

3. Per un litus commune fra tutela identitaria e vocazione europea.


The perception of the deterioration of geographic and economic resources, limited by nature and, traditionally, ‘reserve’ of national competitors, the consequent concern for investments amplified by the media battage, stretches the terms of the debate on the application of the Bolkestein Directive almost to the point of breaking. The issue has thus become a sign of ‘malaise’, destined to mark a partial detachment between Italy and Europe. In the attempt of correcting the perception of a gap, the article presents a very short digression about the litora maris and their historical statutes, with particular emphasis on the centrality of the relationship between community and territory in defining economic and political interests between Italy and Europe.