Tommaso Bonetti, Eventi sismici e processi di ricostruzione tra governo del territorio e patrimonio culturale


1. Governo del territorio, tutela e valorizzazione del patrimonio culturale nei processi di ricostruzione: una premessa. 
2. Cenni definitori a fini ricostruttivi.
3. Governo del territorio e patrimonio culturale: una relazione sempre più complessa. –
4. Eventi sismici e processi di ricostruzione tra innovazioni e sperimentazioni.
5. Governo del territorio e patrimonio culturale tra processi di ricostruzione e regime ordinario: luci e ombre.

This paper examines the increasing complexity of the relations between on the one hand, the territorial government functions, in particular related to urban planning, and on the other hand the functions for the protection and enhancement of the cultural heritage, using as a research setting the reconstruction processes following the earthquakes occurred in Italy in 2012 and 2016.
After a brief introduction on the conceptual framework, the analysis is focused on the structural and functional features of the relationship as it appears in the current regulatory framework. The paper highlights the gradual rise of a wider evolutionary dynamic related to the so-called differentiated interest category. Afterwards, it analyzes the most innovative profiles which arise within the reconstructive processes under investigation.
The research is carried out from the juridical perspective, with particular regard to the reciprocal interrelations between territorial government and the cultural heritage.
Building on such framework, the author suggests that the regime of specialty for the reconstruction processes with respect to the relationship between territorial govern