Francesco Midiri,  Il servizio pubblico dell’istruzione universitaria nella legge di riforma 


1. Premessa: gli obiettivi dell’analisi. 

2. Le disposizioni in materia di governance. 

3. Le disposizioni in materia di organizzazione della didattica e della ricerca. 

4. Le disposizioni in materia di valutazione. 

5. Alcune considerazioni conclusive.


This paper deals with the discipline of university, as modified by the «Gelmini Reform» and by the Legislative Decree n. 19 of 2012. Firstly, the Author pinpoints the fundamental principles of public service that are contained in these laws, such as the principles of uniformity, equality, efficacy and accountability, etc. Secondly, the essay examines how those principles regarding public service are applied, trying to detect the differences between state and non-state universities. Finally, the Author analyses the new conception, in Italian law, of university public service, which is becoming a “subjective” public service rather than an “objective” public service.