Domenico D’Orsogna, Massimo Occhiena, I servizi pubblici a rilevanza economica e sociale: un bilancio 


1. La disciplina dei servizi pubblici: istanze, interessi, modelli. 

2. I servizi pubblici: nozioni e caratteri. 

3. I servizi di rilevanza economica. 

4. I servizi sociali


Further to elaboration of the public service category from an evolutionary perspective and with the aim to provide one coherent definition to the current regulations, the essay investigates the specific nature of both public services with economic relevance and social services. By means of comparing the different management models applied, the present study rejects any reconstructive approach which, by emphasizing the non-economic relevance of social services, tends to aprioristically take them out of the application scope of the principles and regulations on the market competition.